Love this guy. Pictured : Desert Pop golf polo

AFAC Ambassador Time. Starting 11 wins the watch. More pics soon.

AFAC Starting 11 here they come

Thank You cards from #afambassadors always make the desk and a great start to my morning

#regram AFAMBASSADORS having fun in Phoenix. Thanks for sharing gentleman.

Matthew Hasselbeck on FOX with Regis wearing Willie Beamen. Look mom, Regis has seen our shirts

#regram Erik Logan President of OWN rocking our Double Deacon polo while making moves for Oprah. No big Deal ;-). Thanks to great customer Tony Toppenberg for passing us along to his brother.

Regram courtesy of @thekingmadejerky & @thegolfingsociety. Jay Feely in Sharbucks long sleeve polo

Bo Van Pelt in Willie Beamen

Zip Ups are coming and I think we may have a hit on our hands #madeintheUSA

Everything but the shoes and the brown paper bag is Alial Fital #whatscoming #sneakpeek #neckties #pants

#alialfital #juniors

Where we’re headed early 2014. Hope you’ll join us for the ride. Have fun tonight. #alialfital #afambassadors

Designed by our customers en route to our PGA Tour pro. That’s just how we roll here at AF. #feelplayer

Spitz Perrault with a Tux. AF is versatile